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The Eardoc is a gerat device i have found that should be available in every household. it's a therapeutic device, non invasive and children friendly. it helped me a lot with my kids, and it has definitely become a must at home.

it relieves the pain in a few minutes, and helps me get through the day with my LO.

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or any vibration works too.


My five year old son id very sensitive to heat so any of the other post about applying heat were not going to work. And i was not going to put anything in his ear without a doctor. Tries this with the toothbrush vibrating agaist his ear, and it worked GREAT! just told him to hold it to the front or the back of his ear. now he is on the couch dozing off and is not crying anymore. And usually by the time my son tells me he has a earache, it is about to rupture(so alot of pain)and usually in the middle of the night. Way to go on this post!!!!!!!

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