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I saw some remedies about blowing tobacco smoke into children's ears to relieve the pain. You can get the same effect by using any heat source: hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, heating pad, put rice in a cotton sock-tie the end-microwave for up to 1 minute. The heat is what relieves the pain. Use something appropriate to the age of the child. This is a much better method than exposing your kids to tobacco smoke at that close of a range.

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Love love love your idea for a quick homemade rice bag! I used my 6yr old's sick for his ear pain and now its his own personal one...thanks!


Woops! I meant sock! :)


Okay! So here is whats funny! The person who said it was proven that the smoke causes it!! Bravo!!! It does cause ear infections!!! But it was believed to relieve it in the olden days so don't be rude to someone for the suggestion!!


creating your own heat pack...great idea. the cigarette smoke though is full of toxins and you should never expose an infection to toxins no matter what.


This does not work period, I used to get ear infections quite frequently and parents tried this and it actually made my infection worse. Also ears are so sensitive that they could have an alec reaction to the smoke, I did and it caused ny ear canal to close

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