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OK, I have been reading of all the things that have been posted. I broke my tooth and can't get in till Thursday. I tried 3 aleve, nothing!I tried ibuprofen 800mg and have been popping them like candy and I know that not very good but I really in pain! So this is what I did. I got dental wax at the store. clean the tooth the best I could with out crying from the pain. Made up sea salt and warm water and rinsed the tooth. Then covered the tooth with the dental wax. just that alone started to help some of the throbbing go away. I had so antibiotics from surgery that I just had. I know everyone doesn't have access to it but one of your friend will probably have some.then I took 2 more ibuprofen so far so good .....

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Do NOT take any antibiotic that was not prescribed to you by a doctor or dentist. It can be dangerous. In addition, when given a prescription you should ALWAYS take the full treatment. Taking only a few pills may seem to work but it can cause your body to build up a resistance to the antibiotic and it may not work at all the next time you have to take it.

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