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ear infection help!

Ok so I've had ear infections for as long as I can remember. Maybe once or twice a year. Well I came across someone whole helped!
** Best to do in shower!!!!!**
So pretty much take a cotton ball soak in hydrogen peroxide, then tilt your head to the side and ring cotton ball into affected ear, you will hear a lot of fizzing/ popping ect. Totally normal then you will take a syringe of warm not cold not hot water and gently rinse the ear with water. Repeat till you don't hear any fizzing. As for the pain take ibuprofen!

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Honestly just thank you worked amazingly and I did not know what else to do. Cured the pain and everything.


Seemed to make it worse... Felt like a knife going into my ear. Had to go to the ER it got so bad.


This worked for me, but I've read it can make it worse for some people.

JoAnna T.

Thank you!!!!!! Your remedy really works!! And it was super easy. Not as complicated as it sounds/read.


Thank you sooo much!!! This worked for me! i was in so much pain for hours and after trying this the pain went away in a couple of minutes! :)


It worked because you didn't have an ear infection. You had wax build up. I know this because I get both. The dr. Does something very similar to relieve wax build up. An ear infection is behind your ear drum so therefore it shooting water and peroxide into your ear isn't going to do anything except increase the pain and clean some wax out.


I tried peroxide and it almost deafened me because my ear drum was busted. GO TO A DOCTOR BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING

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