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I had it and I did 2 things to stop it:
-Exfoliate with a scrub or something. Every day, I use a round loufa scrubber thing and wash my back good. If not, i use a toner on a cotton ball and rub my back well.
-I realized my hair is kind of causing my backne.It causes it on my face to. I bought a better shampoo and reduce contact of my hair to my back.

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hey i have dandruff nd i think because of tat im having this problem wat should i do


Treatment for back acne that is moderate to severe includes deep pore exfoliators, which free the pores from dirt and pus, and antibacterial soaps and cleansers, which prevent the bacteria from spreading and causing a more severe skin infection. An example of deep pore cleanser is salicylic acid. Antibacterial products are cleansers that may contain tea tree oil. It is better if these two are combined.

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