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Lauder's Scotch. I have a tooth that I cracked about 4 years ago while eating popcorn. I HATE the dentist and the tooth is in the back and not visible so I didn't worry about it for over 3 years. Then, for no reason at all, it starts hurting about 6 months ago. I would wake up in the night with the whole side of my head pounding. The pain would last sometimes 30 min sometimes 4 hours, and then go away for awhile. I couldn't sleep, I was tired all day, and this went on for weeks (I know, go to the dentist, right?) so I noticed that when I used mouthwash while it was hurting, the pain would subside a little. Then I noticed that if I held a cheekful of mouthwash for about 5 minutes on the hurt tooth side, it would greatly aleve the tooth pain. Well, I figured that since the mouthwash is like 27% alcohol why not the real deal, so I bought a 15 dollar bottle of Lauders and man does it work like magic! I don't swallow it but I use it like the mouthwash and spit it out. 9 out of 10 times the pain goes away immediately!!!

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i ended up using smirnoff vodka(only alcohol i had around) but it did help quite a bit. good call!!

adam bowey

hi there im goin thru right know i cant sleep my teeth are hertin so bad.. i wont to know if lisrerine would do the job or not ???

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