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I have dealt with Genital Herpes for a few years now. I went from 6 out breaks my first yr, to one every 14 months now. For one, taking a daily med is best, however your immune system never gets use to the virus. Over time, outbreaks are less frequent. My trick has been to stay healthy! Anything that can compromise your immune system, viral and bacterial, can make you more prone to outbreaks. So, I decided to take a step in my own recovery. I went from the head down. I had my teeth looked at, filled/fixed/and cleaned. I see a dentist twice a year now. I maintain a proper diet of heavy micro-nutrients(watch fat, 40 and nearly dead!) I eat lean meats and I work out regularly. I also take Lycine pills daily (1500mg) as well as a daily vitamin, zinc, and garlic. I work out four days a week, and I shower/clean regularly. Stay healthy. Don't smoke dummies! Oh, mentally you need to stay fit also, be upfront with relationships. Remember everyone probably has warts or herpes! When you feel your outbreak happen (generally a tingle or burn) start your meds then. The 5 day treatment with acyclovir is what I do. Do not cover the blisters with anything!! They need to breath. The virus is very weak outside of the skin. That's why you can't be touching them, then touching thin skinned areas like baby's cheeks, your lips/eyes or anus!! Yikes!! Now, as I have stated I've dealt with this for years. There are set backs. You might get really sick, you will get an outbreak. You may get a 'second crop' or a recropping. All very normal. An some are stubborn and don't leave right away. Just stay cool. You won't die! Don't scratch. Once everything is healed, then apply the zinc cream. Do this daily if you want. It will return your skin color to normal. Good luck, and's herpes, everyone has it. Or at least 2 outta every 5 people you know! Gross! Haha! Bye!

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i love your mentality ' its herpes everyone has it ' everyone gets so down on themselves about having this virus. we need to remember that its not such a big deal.


I know it's just herpes everyone has it but it hurts it burns and it makes so sleep y'all I want to do is die I don't very many outbreaks but when I do I get them bad well at least thats what I think but I'll try your ideas thank you ;)

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