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I went without athlete's foot for years, and in the past year it has been horrible. I only get it under the pinky toe for each foot. It was to the point that I could not even sleep and was using tinactin spray to cool the itch and pain. The other day I was even bleeding from one of the toes and was in horrible pain at work.

I have read some of the remedies here and have tried a few of them. I tried the water and white vinegar mix in a tub for 15m (this did nothing and I was still in discomfort). I had read about using lysol disinfectant spray and decided to give it a try (this did work and I was feeling better within minutes). I had also read about vicks vaporub and have been applying it with q-tips before bed (it has also helped).

I have been using the lysol spray daily and applying vicks before bed. I have also been spraying the inside of my shoes with the lysol spray (to kill the fungus and not get this again).

Sorry for the rambling, but wanted to share what I have tried and the results.

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I just tried the Lysol trick with my foot itching for days.Burned like crazy but took care of the itch within a few minutes.

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