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So i read about using dawn dish soap by i was at my whits end with these fleas. So i tried it and it works amazingly. The fleas literally dropped into the tub and off my poor babies. They have been out of the bath for 5monutes and they haven't scratched once. Its a God send. Thanks to all the posts i am getting rid of these fleas.

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OMGosh, I tried Dawn dishwashing and it was amazing! You were right the fleas fell of in the tub!!! I thank you so much for your help and Bailey for sure thanks you <3!


I have 2 dogs an African snouger and a pitt they got out of the gate some how, but i picked them up from a trail park and they were infested with fleas, i mean so bad you can see them crawlin on my pidd (who is all white).Anyways I tryed the dawn dish soap. It didn't work. :'( Any other Ideas?


ajax dish soap works just as well.any citrus scent.kills them instantly

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