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Umang Tahir

Hey EVERYONE im 16 year old and walked a lot today.
I had Severe Muscle Cramp pain But it was vanished in just about 20 sec. Here's the BEST TRICK:-
Sit on a Chair with back support hold your foot and make it stand straight over your head for around 20 sec but try to make it STRAIGHT..for both the legs.Your Welcome in ADVANCE..

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I agree, rudeness is always uncalled for and only proves that age n wisdom, doesn't always go hand in hand. I have to admit, that I personally didn't grasp the directions, so if someone did, who wouldn't mind sharing it, I'd truly appreciate hearing, the technique basics. I also plan to try unfiltered apple cider vinegar, as it's a major go to for me, for so much. I stopped all soft drinks n thus far, have not had n episode since, just not real sure yet ? I do know the phosphoric acid in them, competes with other minerals, causing osteoporosis. I guess the bottom line is, not any 1 remedy will work for everyone. Blessings to All...

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