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Umang Tahir

Hey EVERYONE im 16 year old and walked a lot today.
I had Severe Muscle Cramp pain But it was vanished in just about 20 sec. Here's the BEST TRICK:-
Sit on a Chair with back support hold your foot and make it stand straight over your head for around 20 sec but try to make it STRAIGHT..for both the legs.Your Welcome in ADVANCE..

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I'm sure that works for young people, but for the rest of us...Not so much.


uh-huh. Like that is really going to work for everyone. No thanks in ADVANCE!


How to get your leg back down now? :@


Well,I tried this and it actually worked.I'm 46 years
old,it fixed my back muscle spasm,,,thanks


Thanks for your advise. I am 70 years old and suffer from cramps almost daily. I take magnesium tabs daily and still get cramps. I lay on the floor today with my legs elevated and straight against the wall and within about 10-15 seconds it was gone. Awesome advise THANKS :-)


I'm 18 yo and can't get my leg like that. Can we have a practical solution, please?


Why are 16 ye olds such ass holes?


I am 25, just tried this and it did...........NOTHING.... Off to pickle juice I go. :)



Dorothy Lee

If someone posts something that has worked for them and it doesn't work for you that is not a reason to be rude or call the person nasty or hateful names! For those of you that were rude on this teens post, you should be ashamed of yourself! Here's some food for thought... How would you like your teenager to be spoken to? How would you like to be spoken to?

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