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Take a Lysine supplement once a day to prevent cold sores.

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I firmly believe this works. I took 2 pills a day 2 months before my wedding and did not get one cold sore.


Be careful taking Lysine daily, it tends to make one Constipated. I take one weekly and haven't had a cold sore for well over a year! Lysine is good for your immune system!


I use to get a cold sore atleast 4-5 times a year. I was told to take a lysine supplement once a week and it would prevent me from getting them. I tryed it and sure enough I haven't had one in a long time. You can also take lysine when you first feel the tingle. take twice a day for 3 day's to keep cold sore from forming.


I have been takine 1 Lysine a day for over a year and I still get cold sores. It has not worked for me!!


be sure to eat before taking this medication because u will get sick n throw it up after u take it


Nonsense, I have had no luck with lysine. My Doctor said it would not help either.


I read that there was a study done on Lysine and they found that taking any less than 1200mg of Lysine per day didn't produce results. But be careful taking that much for a long period of time because who knows what our natural arginine balance is supposed to be and taking that much lysine would surely affect it.


I started taking lysine tablets three years ago on a daily basis. I use to get 4-6 cold sores a year. For some reason when I reached my middle twenties I started getting them more frequent.

It sounds like everyone gets a different result from it at different doeses. I started taking two a day. I did notice the sores were not as large, but still frequent. So I up it to four tablets a day. Now I get one small out break a year. I have never been constipated by taking it. Besides look at the side effects of most perscription drugs.

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