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I'm just now trying the tea bags. I did the first one for 15 minutes and nothing happened, then kids interrupted so I am going to do another and another till I see some change. What I wanted to share was something I read here a few times that is very true. I have been suffering with this tooth badly now for about 4 weeks. I have an abscess on the inside of my gum.
So I have noticed that what makes it worse and immediately makes my pain come back horribly and begin to pound is sweets. Two days ago I was fine until I had a sweet type bread in the morning, that ruined my whole day as then I had to struggle with the pain. Today I was doing so-so and then I had a slice of pie with whipped cream, chewed with the other side as usual but still it got into the tooth and here I now sit with a pounding-I-Want-To-Kill-Myself pain. So my advice is, while going through this DON'T HAVE SWEETS! I will let you all know how I fare with the teabags.

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