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I am very aware of just how horrible the pain of tooth/gum issues are, and am dealing with it now. I brewed a strong cup of mint tea and am drinking it while swirling in my mouth with some helpful effect. I have also gotten some relief with using a q-tip moistened with tea tree oil (malelucca) over the painful area. It tastes horrible, but is worth it for some relief.

However I want to warn everyone about the many recommendations for the 'Red Cross Toothache' medicine and clove oil (they have the same active ingredient, Eugenol).

Do not use this product more than you absolutely have to, and make sure you use the absolute least possible that you need to get the job done. Clove oil is well documented as a highly toxic substance to ingest (can cause liver failure, etc) and is commonly used as a pesticide due to its lethal properties. Also, clove oil can be very irritating to gums. I would use it only as a last resort, and as little/less as possible. Also, if you keep it in the house, treat it as if it is a highly toxic substance.

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