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take ur ventailin puffers more often to open up ur air ways more this worked for me:)the try sniffing honey for 2min the hotsteemy shower u should be set after that

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dr. coutts

never take your ventolin ihaler often!,you should use a steroid inhaler like flovent 2 times a day and if you do that?,you will only need the blue one occasionally when you get the onset of an attack,ventolin is not intended to be used more than 2 times per week,really if you use the orange inhaler properly,then the blue one ,you wont need nearly as much,trust me,i never left home without my blue one!,now its not the end of the world!

A girl wanting to BREATH!

I believe that the point of this forum is to find NATURAL REMEDIES with LONG TERM effects. Inhalers only provide temporary relief. For those who are sick and tired of dealing with the issue we want to find Natural Remedies with minimal or even NO side effects. Most inhalers contain steroids and other harmful drugs/chemicals that really do a number on our bodies. Personally I usually end up feeling worse after taking inhalers. The steroids in them make me very shaky and tense, sometimes bringing about another attack.

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