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I was 17 when i found out that i had gh. My partner who i was with was very unconsiderate in telling me he had already been tested, and found positve. Even though that did'nt stop him from having unprotected sex with me knowing that he had gh. Rumors started going around that he had gh and that's when i got nervous and went and got tested! Gh did not show up in my test so i thought i was fine! But after being in discomfert for far to long, i had started putting a&d ointment on my genital areas and noticing that it was easing my pain and makining it go away. After a year i had went back to the doctor when i noticed somethings just were'nt looking normal, and thats when they diagnosed me with gh. Now whenever i have a outbreak i put a&d ointment on and i feel better! This remedy works for me and hopefully it will work for you!

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You know you can sue him for that right? Illegal to not obtain consent and proceed with sexual contact when you knowingly have an STD.


Really can u, because I slept with Mi ex partner n a week later e told Mi e had gh n i am now really suffering with it :( x x x

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