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put egg whites all over your face (like a mask)..egg whites are driers and will remove all the impurities from your face.leave it on until every spot is dry (depends on the type of skin you have) it works so well. use for 2-3 days or continue use. it works wonders. i swear by it. if you only have 1 day then use it once. it may not disappear but it will bring it way down and remove redness. It makes you skin super soft too!

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hi i have pimples on my face and i dont know if i should try this are there any negative things about this or are there only positive please help i dont know if i should try it or not. School starts in 2 days and idk what to do someone please help me on this egg white thing


This truly does work wonders. It makes your skin nice and soft. While you allow it to sit on your face, until it dries, you can feel it tightening your skin. It does itch a little bit, but I highly recommend trying it.


are you supposed to peel it off, or wash it off ?


Whooo Hoooooo I certainly cannot wait to try this tonight, will get back to you later and let you know how it worked... Thank You lots!!!!


how long do you leave the egg white mask on. 20 minutes?


oh my god, i have NEVER had softer skin!! i did the lemon thing and it stings a little but, its gonna go away. i can feel it getting smaller.

im supposed to go see my new boyfriend tomorrow, and just like every other big event, i get a huge ass pimple on my face i cant get to go away.

but this actually worked!! thank you sooo much!!


I was at my wit's end with a pimple on my chin. I wash my face twice a day and used a spot treatment for almost a week, but there was no change. I finally broke down and tried the egg white thing last night. It's not gone, and it's still red, but it is considerably smaller! I'll be doing this again tonight!


wow this really works.. well it feels weird in all but it works like magic!!!!!!!! my pimples are coming way down, my skin is really soft and i think it even makes your pores works way better than this market thing that i have been using for a year!


for how long do i have to leave it on?


so when i'm done putting the egg white do i have to wash it off?
hot or cold water?
I'm confused... lol

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