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put egg whites all over your face (like a mask)..egg whites are driers and will remove all the impurities from your face.leave it on until every spot is dry (depends on the type of skin you have) it works so well. use for 2-3 days or continue use. it works wonders. i swear by it. if you only have 1 day then use it once. it may not disappear but it will bring it way down and remove redness. It makes you skin super soft too!

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I have not had a break out in at least 9 months due to facials. Well, these get expensive; so now I have been breaking out bad. I have tried every over the counter and Dermatologist recommended product. This seems to be working and is cheaper than any product. Glad I found this sight.


This DID NOT WORK for me..Duh!


I'm a 34 year old that stresses alot over little things and break out as 2 weeks prior to my period, I'm going to try this and I REALLY hope it works...


Once it dries what you need to do? Do you wash with warm water?


Does this just work on the red pimples, or will it work on those stupid ones under the skin? Black heads? I will try it, do you do it daily?


does remove your acne or just remove the redness of your skin?


i love you (not really) but omg this is the best treatment ever screw clean and clear and clearisel this is my new favorite thinng thank you


Omg this works so well!! I have been struggeling with acne for years and no luck with anything. So I tried this(I was quite skeptical. Work like a dream. I almost a have a crear complexion again. (it has been awhile). Also to make it more 'potant' I squeezed some lemeon in it. Wow thank you so much!


wow i must thank you dearly! I even put lemon in it and WOW complexion has never been better!


Wow. I tried this last night, and I was very skeptical. I left it on for a little over an hour, took it off and and went to bed. I woke up this morning to a softer face and wayyyy smaller pimples. It even faded my scars. Ive tried everything from proative, clean and clear, even had some doctor prescribed medications... NOTHING worked. but this actually did!

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