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No More RLS!

I have suffered with RLS for about 25 years now, a few things that I have found that helps ease the misrable sensations are a drastic change in temperature- like soaking in a warm bath or apply cold packs to the area but these slowly stopped working. I met a man not long ago, like to think he was sent from God, who told me one night when I was having a terrible attack of RLS who said that his grandfather use to have the same symptoms and he would tie a piece of yarn/string around his ankles fairly snug (but don't cut off circulation) and this would relieve him of his pain! I immediately got up and found some string & it worked. I couldn't believe how something so simple could do so much good, but thank you Lord, for the man and the string!

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Interesting. I've used ace bandages and then to make it easier (my calves are what bothers me most) I got knee support things and just pull them over my calves at night. The compression seems to help most of the time.


I used to ask someone to stand on the back of my legs at night because I found that the pressure to either the muscle or nerves causes the unbearably annoying sesnation to cease temporaily or cease altogather if I had someone stand and walk back and forth (not with their full body weight). Since I have noone to do that for me recently I have tried tying my house coat belt/tie around my leg(s) and it has mysteriously and like magic helped to alleviate the discomfort enough so I can get to sleep. I have to wrap it tight, as tight as I can get it, then usually wake up at some point throughout night and take it off.
I am 38; this method is most likely not suitable for people who bruise easily or skin tears easily which occurs as you age.

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