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We were visiting out of town for a wedding and the morning of, I noticed my 7 year old daughter scratching at her head. I looked and was horrified to see that she was infested with lice - We were staying at a hotel and I couldn't imagine where she had gotten them. I ran out that morning and bought some Nix - right after the treatment, there were bugs crawling around. We bought some Rid and that didn't work at all either. I braided her hair after I had removed everything I could see by hand and told her not to touch heads with anyone just in case. Well, this year, we were visited again by the persistent sucker. I (stupidly) ran out and got Nix again, and treated her 3 xs. After that, I decided to make a concoction of 4 tbs of Sea Salt in warm water, vinegar and lemon juice. I put it in her hair and wrapped it with a shopping bag. It made her itch and irritated her skin, but 20 minutes later, 'Nothing' 3 days later... Nothing!!! Yeah!! My prayers have finally been answered!!!

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going buggy!!!!

I hope this works because I'm at my witts end with these lil critters. My daughter who is in middle school has had them constantly for months. We have done the dr. thing, all the over the counter things. Someone had said Dawn dish soap and we were replacing shampoo and the itching stopped for a few days but as soon as she stopped with the dish soap there she goes. I have vaccumed her bedding did the laundry and bagged up stuffed so lost with these lil b_______ds!!! I have a clean home and we cant find the source of these lil b________ds!!!!


I know this may be a dumb question but how much vinegar and lemon juice?


1/4 of each


It takes 7-10 days for the nits to re-hatch so you have to re-treat with any remedy. I tried vinegar, Listerine, Rid, a pill that is supposed to get rid of them. Nothing worked. I am now trying the over night oil method. I have heard from SEVERAL people this works so *fingers crossed*

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