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Get a tablespoon put a big drop of honey
Then squeeze a lemon to fill up rest of spoon
And take that you'll be fine for the rest of the night

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stepdad up @ 3am

daughter was hacking up a lung and i tried everything to no avail. this did not instantly cure the cough, but it did knock it down a whole lot. i goofed when i sent it my rating, i should have given it a 8.5


Thanks. This worked a bit.


I had given my daughter Delsym before bed and right around midnight she started coughing severely. I couldn't give her anything other meds until morning so I tried this and not one cough afterwards. Thanks!


Wow!This really worked for me. Its been five hours of sleep and no coughing. Thanks alot. I will pass this one on.


after getting up six times with my daughter, this did the trick. Thanks

Lionel bueno jr

This may not have cured my cold but man my cough is nice and quite thanks :)


Wow! I will admit I wz alittle hesitant @ 1st bt I just took it nd I'm alrdy noticing a difference! This is most definitely a keeper!


my mum has always made this for me when i am ill for as long as i can remember, always works for me :)


My 7 years old son was coughing madly and I tried every trick which I could, none of them worked but when tried this it was absolutely magical. After this he didn't cough even once.


Thanks so much! Couldn't sleep and this helped big time and I finally got some rest :)

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