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So I stumbled upon this page after looking for some home remedies to help the pain of my blisters.

Here's my story...2 weeks before my 19th birthday, I woke up with a massive headache. So bad that I could not even open my eyes! Later that day I noticed a bump that I thought was an ingrown hair. Turns out I had all the symptoms for herpes. I made an appt for the next day to see the doctor. I was so nervous/scared/ many emotions! How could this be happening to me. It took a week to get the test results back, but in the meantime my doc prescribed Valtrex to take twice a day for 14 days. She said it would take about 3-4 weeks to clear up. A week later, I got the results back and I was devistated...I didn't know what to think. At the time I had a boyfriend, but we had only been dating for a month. I felt like my life was over..I mean seriously I'm only 19, how is this possible..what did I do to deserve this? About a month later, I became ill with Mono. I had my blood tested, and turns out I had gotten herpes from oral sex from a cold sore on my boyfriends lip..blah blah... I've had about 3 outbreaks in the 2 1/2 that i've had the virus! I do not take my Valtrex unless I start to have an outbreak. I read all these forums about people being able to feel an outbreak coming on, but I never have felt that before. I don't get sick like I did the first time, and it's usually just a couple bumps. I don't know if I lucked out or what...I know God has healed me because it could have been a lot worse than it is.

When I do have an outbreak, I make sure the area is nice and clean and dry. Then I use witch hazel to clean around 'down there' I then put alcohol and a qtip and dab the sores. I've tried baking burns a lot, but works very well. After reading other ppls remedies, I tried tea tree oil, so we will see how that helps for me! Thanks for this website, its nice to have things in common with ppl, even if it is herpes. I've realized talking about it helps a bunch!

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When they say we can 'feel an out break' before it happens is likely different for all. I do not get sick either. No headaches. Now, I have had GH for years now, and I assure you there is no cure, however research Lycine vitamins. Now, as for the pre-outbreak symptoms, your likely to experience a night sweat, and a burning in your sides or lower back. I get just a faint burn in my sides. However I don't always outbreak when I feel the burn, but I an likely still having the virus shed. Good luck. 80-90% of people don't knowthey have herpes. Get educated.

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