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I'm actually 5 months pregnant. I have been exposed to HPV in the past but because my immune system was much stronger before pregnancy, I showed absolutely no symptoms. At about 3 1/2 maybe 4 months, I broke out with warts completely out of no where. They almost came over night. I was completely devastated. My doctor told me they would rather wait until after pregnancy because the warts may clear on their own but at the same time I have the risk of passing a long to my child during birth. So I refused to leave it to chance. I'm currently using the Apple Cider Vinegar method. At first I was a little skeptical but littlerally 10 minutes after application, all the warts have turned white and I can see them ALL clearly. I have 3 very large warts and those seem to be taking to the ACV the most. Fingers crossed. I hope this works! This is day one for me.

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I hope it works I'm 3 months prego and just developed them. Let me know if it works i only have one and its small. I'm going to try this today.

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