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Eat an apple (or watermelon, or anything which is basic and can absorb the acid in the stomach) as soon as you get up, early every morning, pref before 6.30. Eat at least 2hrs before bed time. THE ABOVE TWO ARE MOST IMPORTANT. Do not eat overly spicy foods. Drink orange juice after meals to aid in digestion. Avoid excessive caffeine. Drink lots of water in general (not immediately after a meal). Eat sufficient quantity of proteins. Take multivitamins (B, omega3 esp) to reduce stress and relax the body.

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would this be Red Apples or Green?


It worked! Thanks so much for posting this it was needed.


UMM but it says everywhere to avoid acidic foods, so wouldn't fruit be a bad idea?


Apples are not an acidic fruit..oranges,,tangerines, lemons, limes are some of the acidic fruits.


actually, apples are acidic fruit. Most fruits, even watermelons, are acidic. Apples are more basic than lemons and oranges, but are still shy of a pH of 7.


The apple worked for me. Thanks !

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