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Baths with Ivory liquid work great on dogs and cats. This remedy was recommemded to us by a vet over 30 years ago and still works well.

For fleas in a room, believe it or not, I found that flea traps do work! No chemicals, just a small light that stays cool, with a sticky pad on the bottom that catches the fleas. And no danger to the animals, except if your dog's tail brushes the sticky pad and comes walking into the kitchen with it as a tail accessory.

When I bought it this summer, I was VERY skeptical. However, it, along with a daily vacuum, worked. The replaceable sticky bottom would be loaded by the end of the week.

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Thank you. I prefer a nontoxic method to handle my infestation.


Would have loved to have seen your dog with his 'tail accessory'. You just made my day. thanks. I will also see if I can find this soap that everyone is talking about to get rid of fleas.


also a flea trap made with a light and a small pan of soapy water works well too

Mary G.

A saucer with syrup will work too.

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