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I was diagnosed with GH a little over a yr now, Sept 2010. My boyfriend of 5 yrs was unfaithful and unfortunately I fell victim. I stayed with him a whole yr afterward in fear that I would never find someone to look pass the disease and see my heart. For being with someone who treats u unfair is a far better option then no love at all... Right?? Wrong! I recently got the nerve to leave him and start over. It's been tough for I've struggled with my own demons of asking why me, and my thoughts of a lack of self worth. My outbreaks haven't been too bad but frequent. Every other month at times, only one spot most of the times. I practice healthy eating and lifestyle. Most of the time I don't even take the acyclovir, to prevent dependency. I've found the remedies on this website helpful. However, I just wanted to say life isn't over! It sucks at times, I still cry when I share my story but I'm making it with God, much prayer, and support. I'm happy to report that I now have a new man GH free and he's ok with me having it. I've been completely honest with him. I've shared the risks, the boundaries, and educated him on the disease. I'm living proof that there is life with GH. Be blessed, and keep ur head up. WHAT u have doesn't determine WHO u are.

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your doing the right thing stay positive i have been feeling the same way ever since i found out that i got gh.but continue to believe in god and never stray he has a plan for your life!take care and god bless!

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