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I have had a persistent ringworm on both legs for 6 months, one of which had grown to the size of my palm. I tried the chemist prescribed chloramitrozole but it only fixed the tiny new sores, it made the existing ones worse.
I also tried tea tree oil, which stabilized them from getting bigger but did not improve them.
The solution - apple cider vinegar and salt - I have been using this combination applied directly to the sores with a cotton ball around 3 or 4 times a day. After 3 days the sores are significantly healed and the itching has totally stopped. I have found that scrubbing a little with the salt on the sores helps remove the skin build up and lets the vinegar get in to do its work. It will sting a bit the first few times, but it no longer hurts me. I am going to keep going after it appears to have healed for a week or two because I know it can sometimes reappear if you dont finish it off fully.

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Your apple cider vinegar + salt starts working immediately. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are well.


do u mix the apple cider vingear and the salt to gather and just rubing it on the ringworm area? thnx

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