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All the advice I read here for boils is good. Some people also mentioned it working on acne also. Well if we look up what a boil is an abscess which simply put is an infection under the skin that the body has formed a hard protective layer around which most antibiotics can't touch until it softens or pops. Which at that point topicals really would be the most effective. Unless it is an MSRA staph infection which means serious medical attention. So I am not a doctor nor do I work in the medical field, but I have earned my street degree in abscess treatments. I am a long time intravenous drug user and if you google complications of being an iv drug user the first thing that pops up is abscesses, and being as us junkies are we don't go to a doctor unless we are promised lots of good dope, and we have learned that all they ever want to do is lance it and prescribe antibiotics that are very hard on your system. First an abscess is caused by something piercing your skin when it wasn't cleaned properly, I.E. a needle or even a splinter. Boils are where the infection came down through a hair follicle and a zit is just similar but not the same infections. The two most common infections are Staph and Strep which we carry on our skin all the time. So one of the first things we can do is the use of antibacterial soaps, any soaps will actually do as long as it's worked into a good enough lather, and that is prevention and cleaning of one that has already started. Now any of the draw out salves and topical compresses and even homemade teas you've read about here are very effective and can be treated at home. Now things to watch out for that mean get to the doctor immediately are fever, flu like symptoms, red streaks leading away from the boil, and home remedies have not improved it or gets worse over a course of a few weeks. And never ever squeeze them or rub on them especially when they are forming!!! The signs I talked about are signs of the infection has burst under the skin and is now entering your blood stream which can lead to a very fatal heart condition if not treated properly and quickly! In my experience and not just being my own as this is a common thing amongst junkies is as I had said all of the treatments listed here work and work better then being lanced, because anytime it is opened now that VERY INFECTIOUS puss is coming out and has to be contained! Anything with the warm moist compresses should be started at the very first signs. Personally I like the Epsom salt baths and very between making a Epsom salt compress and using the draw out salve. Dressings should be changed 3 or more times a day and washed with soap in between. I usually do the warm Epsom salt soak and compress throughout the day and then the draw out salve at night. Now I have heard of some people popping them as they come to a head but as said previously I think that just adds more risk of spreading a very infectious bacteria. So just let it pop on it's own and sometimes you never even see it pop or ooze stuff out, but the important thing at this stage as with before is consistency of cleaning area and applying clean fresh dressings ones that can breathe a little better after they pop and with enough absorbency to soak up all the gunk. Now also I did see some mention of diet change but only one vague mention of vitamin C. Which is very efective crushed and added to a poultice and even better if from the first signs of a boil or abscess start taking 2000 to 3000mg per day especially with bioflavonoids. There is a lot of evidence out there about the effects of these two together and clearing all sorts of skin conditions and protecting your heart in case it does leak into your bloodstream. Now after you can't see any more puss pockets, the white formations I continue with warm compresses of any kind I have had great success with the Epsom salt. And at night instead of the draw out salve I use Iodine and cover liberally all around the area. Then I put slices of fresh cold tomato over that with some cellophane and rolled gauze to keep it in place. The cold tomato juices help clear out more infection and feel very nice over the burning of the Iodine. After just a few nights of that it really then just becomes wound dressing with Bacitracin liberally absorbent gauze and breathable rolled gauze changed and washed with anytype of washing, but soap and water is really the best. And don't forget to scrub hard get all that dead infectious skin and puss off. Use paper towels to dry or wash the towel you used in bleach right after everytime. Change it and wash it three to four times a day. Be patient because they really take along time up to 6 months in some cases to go away completely but once you see the white puss part is gone you know the worst is over, except it does get quite itchy at times, but that's a good reminder to stay on top of it because it is still very infectious to others and yourself!! I was never a believer in home remedies until I got an abscess and I'd seen the horror and torture of most times repeated lancing and treatment with hardcore antibiotics that make the body very ill and other complications and harm! To where now days a lot of doctors are starting to recommend home treatments before medical intervention. Just watch out for the previously mentioned signs of it spreading into bloodstream because then they will turn deadly fast!!!

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Wow, Seems like this Junkie knows more than my doctor! Thank you.


This is extremely helpful and well spoken. You might be an addict but that clearly has not affected your intelligence. I hope you overcome your addiction someday. Thank you for your very sound advice about abcesses and boils, I intend to try some of it right now.


There was no need to announce your addiction; as if you are proud of it. Take that badge off and hold your head up. Junkie pride will hinder your recovery. You are very intelligent and your medical advice is accurate. I was just checking my memory to aside myself that I was treating correctly. I have never heard of the tomato remedy, but sounds good. Honey and raw sugar works well on wounds also. People that struggle with addictions are the best doctors, because we know how to self medicate. Self medication is the
Reason that we become addicted. I wish you luck in breaking free IF that is what you are seeking.


I don't think explaining why this individual knows so much about boils and their treatment is 'junkie pride', rather, explaining their experience with boils, and why. I've started getting some pretty knar boils on my face, and this is all really legit info. I went to a pharmacy to get some home remedy supplies the second time I got one, and the pharmasist reccomended oil of oregano- to mix it half and half with olive oil if you have sensitive skin and put it on the effected area.. I put it on when I got out to the car, and by the time I got home and out of the shower, it had opened, drained, and the last bit of infection that I'd been trying to get out for weeks (it kept draining, but the bit that was once a blackhead buried itslef deeper and deeper in, and just wouldn't clear..) literally shot out of my face- disgusting, but pretty interesting. Oil of oregano gets'r'done. I just got one the other day, I kept alternating between hot and cold washclothes, put a little oil of oregano on it yesterday, and took some vitamin A and a few other supplements that I've heard helps clear boils. (I hadn't read anything about vitamin C helping, but I'll definitely jack up my vitamin C intake).. andyway, it formed a head, and I'm just waiting for it to open.. I think the biggest mistake people make with acne of any kind is once it forms a head, they squeeze the shit out of it... which leaves some of the infection buried in the skin... Just let it open on its own, then squeeze.. you can feel the difference. Anyway, very informative, you really know what you're talking about.. And I do think that the face you're an IV drug user is relavent- and not just 'junkie pride'. It's admirable that you've admitted your addiction, and found ways to deal with negative side effects- we're all addicts, whether it's coffee, cigs, sex, food, booze... whatever. I wish you well, friend. Lame as it sounds, peace, and love.


Soooo what 'title' and 'credentials' is it that you have (Abraham) that should persuade any of us to trust your words ( obviously UN educated and narrow-minded ) over that of a ' junkie'?? Would you have the same opinion if there was no mention of his addiction??
Clearly personal experimentation with low cost natural remedies made available to the public with NO list of side effects( except for maybe an allergy to the specific ingredient ) resulting in a possitive outcome without having to pay ridiculous medical costs for a possible miss diognosis and costly/addictive prescription drugs with a 4 page list of side effects, IS intelligent advice... Regardless of social status. Not to mention existed for hundreds of years before western medicine (which you seem so fond of) was even a concept...
are you at all educated on the history of
' street drugs ' ?
Are you aware that alcohol and cocaine were both at one time prescribed by medical doctors??
It is obvious the evolution of medicine has gone nowhere and is exactly why people are looking for other options.
I highly recommend you actually educate yourself before posting anymore negative nonsense.
you then, will have a better understanding that you are also an addict dying a slow death.... You can stop at anytime... But will you??

Mad props to the ' junkie' who wrote this post <3


Wow Abraham, insinuating that 'the junkie' should 'know his place' because,after all, you're father 'knows his place'? And pray tell, exactly what is 'his place'? Should he nit be allowed to suggest home remedies for abscesses on the internet? Is 'his place' to live in an alley & never speak because,as an addict he couldn't possibly be intelligent &/or had any valid experiences that could actually help someone else? A junkie could have many authentic trials & tribulations in which,through trial & error(just like 'real tests'in the medical/pharmaceutical/university'tests'& settings)have reliably consistent outcomes. Making choices that may be poor choices,although one
might argue that once one is in active addiction it is no longer a choice but rather a disease, especially those which are way out from under the umbrella of acceptable social norms, are just that: poor choices & are not indicative of ones 'intelligence'. And, looking over his home remedy suggestions,all are sound & have all been used before by others with varying degrees of success
Barring the fact that some might be allergic to one of the remedies,ie hives via tomatoes, they are safe to trythatmay be poor that are definately university 'tests' & settings.


Unfortunately, i was unable to finish my text to my comment/post. His post was helpful & I see no reason to think otherwise, if you did your 'proper research'. I didn't think he was expounding nor 'full of pride' simply because he explained WHY he had the experience of tending to abscesses.-Sign Me, Another 'junkie'.


Abraham.... go grab some more of your daddy's money and shove it up your ass, you close minded fuck. You obviously have NO idea what your talking about and could use a real eye opener on what your perspective is. You have been molded into thinking every 'junkie', is a loser, bum, on the street, but in all actuallity....guarenteed, half these so-called 'junkies' are a HELL of alot smarter than you.


First of all I would like to start by saying that I have been suffering from an antibiiotic resistant staph infection since I was a child. I have been getting painful abscesses for years and have been to the doctor to get them lanced. I have also spoken to different doctors who have recommended epsom salt and a drawing salve, and have also said the same exact thing about the symptoms of it going to your blood stream. This person was only trying to help and maybe he kicked his habit and if not he is still a human being with a disease. Abraham you have done nothing besides make yourself look like an idiot. Before you go dissing the advice of someone call a doctor. You think you are so much better than other people well guess what your not. The only person who should judge another human being is GOD. You clearly don't know anything about drug addicts cause if you did you would know they are suffering from a disease and maybe they don't have an awesome daddy like you to help them. Maybe they made one stupid mistake and now they don't know how to fix it. I am not a drug addict, but just like everyone else I make bad choices. That junkie was trying to help people maybe you can learn something from him instead of judging and being a cold harded prick.


Oh one more thing Abraham you might be laughing because an addict was giving advice to people, but after reading your post everyone is laughing at you cause the addict you find so funny knows more about what he is talking about than you. If you don't believe it ask doctors who has handled people with abcesses and specializes in helping drug addicts. Next time know your facts before you run your mouth and sound like an ass.

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