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1. For pimples, cool your face down by applying ice cubes for 10 min. straight.

2. Cut a fresh garlic clove in half and put on the pimples only. Leave it on.

3. Moisturizer may be used if too much drying occurs. But make sure it is oil free.

4. Drink a glass of green tea everyday and eat plenty of garlic. The outside must be cleaned as well as the inside.

5. Stay away from many dairy products. This can aggravate acne.

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Jay R.

Great comments,except drinking lots of milk and eating lots of cheese cleared of my acne. The Green Tea really Works! Drink at least 2 cups a day and you will see great results. Eat lots of apples too, it helped me, and I had horrible huge acne pimples.


do it,it works great i had a huge one on my nose and gone in weeks


I have never tried the garlic but I was eating an apple every morning and I noticed that my acne was not cystic anymore. After reading something on the internet, I discovered that apple skin has an anti-inflamatory agent in it and a good antioxidant.


If you put ice cubes on your face, you are closing the pores, so anything you put on after that isn't veryu affective. YOu should actually steam your face so that whatever you put on your face can reach down to the root of the problem.


i like most of the remedies but i read in tons of magazines that if you apply an ice cube too long it can make the redness and size go up even more....... but who knows

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