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Dr. FeeLGooD

If u have a headache....this is the absolute best home remedy in the world. Check it out.. Follow these steps:

1. Grab something to hold ice water.
2. Place a face cloth inside the ice water.
3. Let it sit for about 2 minutes
4. Call a friend.
5. Roll a joint baby and relax your eyebrows.

Hope this helps...

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I smoke weed a lot and it does nothing for my headaches when they come but if I smoke early I dont get headaches and if I think someone is gonna give me a headache I smoke and nothing they do or say will bother me Im just to happy to hurt and to all those who say people are a waist of space really need to smoke pot to lighten up its life you are here to live it why not enjoy it and take the corn cob out your rear the Bible said let those without sin throw the first stone just cause there sin is smoking and different from your sin does not make it worse in Gods eye live and let live honey


MJ is not for all people, but for those who use it privately in the comfort of their own home, it is a miracle cure. If you are smart enough to do research on it you will find that it is a cure all for many illnesses even cancer. The FDA and the Medical and cancer industries do not want us to 'self' medicate, but that takes money out of their pocket. They would rather have us all sick on prescription drugs. MJ is a natural herb, that God provided for our healing. Share the facts not lies....


Great advice, but I'm pregnant I'm looking for a remedy that won't effect my baby

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