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Dr. FeeLGooD

If u have a headache....this is the absolute best home remedy in the world. Check it out.. Follow these steps:

1. Grab something to hold ice water.
2. Place a face cloth inside the ice water.
3. Let it sit for about 2 minutes
4. Call a friend.
5. Roll a joint baby and relax your eyebrows.

Hope this helps...

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That last comment was true.. It is the cbc and the cbn's that provides the pain relief.. The thc that produces the actual high. So if you want to Relive pain get a low thc count an high in the cbc.


I used to suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Then I started smoking weed again and I stopped getting headaches everyday. Everyone who got mad at this just hasn't smoked before and isn't well-informed on the TRUE facts about weed. Not all strains will help your headache, but some definately will. Also if you smoke shitty weed it will make your headache WAY worse.

Weed is natural, and it does help with NUMEROUS types of ailments. Educate yourselves.


I am so sick of close minded, brainwashed people who speak when they have no knowledge of this subject. Do the research or dont comment. Medical marijuana is very legitimate.


Illegal drugs are never the answer, don't waste my time


I dont smoke week and i thought this was hilarious... and know to be a fact that it does help so just cause you dont do it dont assume it doesnt work it may not be for you but hey not everyone can be like you can they(thank god, i would hate to be walking around with a stick up my butt) :)


hahahahah thank you for making me laugh!


<rant> I love everyone how people are saying that they don't want to put 'chemicals' in their body, but are completely ok with ingesting advil or tylenol. Medicinal marijuana has such a bad reputation even though it provides pain-relief for many ailments and chronic illnesses. For my unrelated (to headaches) pain, I can take percocets or morphine... both heavily synthesized chemicals that have a boat load of negative side effects... hmm... I really wish MM was legalized. </rant>


In all but maybe 2 states non-medical and medical weed is illegal! I used to smoke good bad and middle grade could never smoke when I got migraines always made them worse. No point in risking jail time for that. Why post a stupid comment on here and waste everyones time with it. People that suffer like myself need real remedies for one reason or another.


To everyone saying this comment is stupid and a waste of time, I dont see how it is any more stupid than the comment about how good a cup of coffee smells... Just because you dont agree with the particular method does not make it stupid... it obviously does work for a lot of people. If you dont like the comment, move on, you're wasting your own time by commenting and being hateful.


people that think marijuana is worst than liquor and ciggs are the retarded ones well see who will be waiting in heaven first//[

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