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Dr. FeeLGooD

If u have a headache....this is the absolute best home remedy in the world. Check it out.. Follow these steps:

1. Grab something to hold ice water.
2. Place a face cloth inside the ice water.
3. Let it sit for about 2 minutes
4. Call a friend.
5. Roll a joint baby and relax your eyebrows.

Hope this helps...

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Please don't waste our time.


Was looking up home remedies for a headache so Id stay clean and avoid bullshit over the counter nonsense and am seriously slowly reading (because of said migraine) then get to roll a joint and lol'd and raged. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


..but it works! Forgot to mention. Hahahaaha


yah, i mean i actually have a headache. & it hurts. last thing i wanna do is put chemicals in my head to make me feel spaced out. thanks but no thanks. you're wasting everyone's time.


you're a waste of time and life. -_-.


Marijuana is a proven pain reliever. It is natural and it does not contain chemical substances. Anyone who thinks otherwise is full of shit or has been brain washed to think otherwise. It might not be for everyone, but it does work.

Mary Jane

Clearly the people who are outraged are smoke free saints or simple minded and Silly. If u are expecting expert advise over the web from (average Joe's) or people without doctorines. U must be smoking somthing stronger than weed.


Weed actually makes my head hurt worse although it does help in other areas of pain.


all the people above dont know wat thy r talking about, it works perfectly


THC and CBD(the 2 main actives is marijuana) are both chemical compounds, BUT they aree completely NATURAL. I used to smoke a bit to get rid of a headache, it will help most people, some people are just really sensitive when in comes to head pain. Didn't mean to contradict, just felt like I should inform you that they are chemicals, natural chemicles, just like oxytocin(the chemicle in your brain that make you feel 'love')

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