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I'm 17 & I have a daughter . I was 107 pounds when I got pregnant & went to 168 in a matter of 2 months . My stomach looked like it was getting ripped open . Well needless to say , I HAD horrible stretch marks from my stomach to my boobs to my thighs . It was gross . I wouldn't even wear a bikini . So I tried something & it worked . My remedy is
1/2 a cup of baking soda
1/4 a cup of water
a little bit of cocoa butter with shea
& vitamin E oil ( i have a bottle of it it's small & it's 5$ at walmart )
& i mixed it all up & left it on my stomach for 30 minutes & my horrible purple/black stretch marks was almost my skin color . After doing this for a month , they was gone !
Thanks <3

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WTF..... this girl on here trying to give us solutions to our stretch marks so why in the HELL are people commenting on her having a baby at a young age I'm 20 with a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I have a dipolma and a career working at a hospital making excellent money. As long as a person is taking great of their kids, people should mind their own damn business..


Yes it works it amazing and I thank her for sharing it with us


Once the marks are 'gone' , do you have to keep doing this remedy?
People stop preaching who cares on how old she is when she had a kid , its her life let her be .

Only God can judge us bitch!!

I am also 17 yrs old and with a 6month old son & so what my life hasnt ended it only began and i get longer time to love my SON!! I love being a mommy and i wont trade my son for the world!!So dont judge yea it might have been a bad decision to have sex at such a young age without thinking of the consiqenses, but if God decides to send us a baby then it was for a reason!! Babys are blessing no matter how you or old you are!! Only God can judge us!! && Karma will go around and strike you in the ass for criticizing!

Anyways i went from 120 to 160:( and i have stretch mark on my mid stomic like if a tiger scrached me with both claws! And they are redish purpleish and i HATE them ive tryed everything and it came out i was allergic to cocco butter for stertch marks. Im currently going to the gym with a trainer so i can get back to my regular weight && Now im deff ganna try out your recipe!! Thanks!


i think all of you are taking this out of porportional because she wanted us to know something she found out she is helping us so why the f. are yahl being critical NO reason leave it alone. damn


Jesus I just had to go through all ur guys' bs just to see if any of u guys have seen any results with this remedy. I'm white with light red marks on my inner thigh, sides, and boobs. Have any of u seen results have the same colored marks seen results with this???? Would really appreciate some comback. Thanks. =)


I agree people do not need to judge. I was 16 when I had my 1st child. I'm an awesome mother. I'm now 30 and have 2 children. The point is take care of your kids and get a good job to support them. Don't pay no mind to people like that


There is nothing wrong with having kids at a young age. I was 14 years old & a freshman in High School when I got pregnant. I had my daughter on Christmas day when I was 15 years old. I'm now 16, I graduated from High school early & now starting to attend college. Becoming a teen mother isn't such a bad thing <33 & i really hope your remedy works! I'm going to try itt! :)


For the person who wanted to know if it worked someone in the comments said it did.. I had my son at twenty and was told lemon juice anf honey works so i will be trying this you also need to by a scrub that is soft on one side and sand paper like on the other you can get it at bath and body works or wal mart on the bath section the rough side kind of looks like an oceans coral.. You put the honey and lemon juice on your problem area and let it sit for fifteen minutes and when you go in the shower to wash it off use that rough sponge the sponge with help take off your dead skin cells it worked for my girlfriend so iam now going to try i know from experience tanning helps reduce the dark color of strech marks because mine are now light im now going to try the lemon juice and honey to see if it will improve anymore


I am a teenage mother aswell, what counts is how you look after your child and not the fact if your 17 or 50 and I have really bad stretchmarks before and after the birth of my baby and desperately need to get rid of my stretchmarks, my partner is really supportive about it but I hate seeing them so I will give your remedy a try.

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