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I'm 17 & I have a daughter . I was 107 pounds when I got pregnant & went to 168 in a matter of 2 months . My stomach looked like it was getting ripped open . Well needless to say , I HAD horrible stretch marks from my stomach to my boobs to my thighs . It was gross . I wouldn't even wear a bikini . So I tried something & it worked . My remedy is
1/2 a cup of baking soda
1/4 a cup of water
a little bit of cocoa butter with shea
& vitamin E oil ( i have a bottle of it it's small & it's 5$ at walmart )
& i mixed it all up & left it on my stomach for 30 minutes & my horrible purple/black stretch marks was almost my skin color . After doing this for a month , they was gone !
Thanks <3

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I can not wait to try this! I had my daughter when I was 18. I got pregnant in High School and have had a lot of people say bad things about me. For you young mothers out there, if someone is saying mean things to you, reply with this. According to the women who are on death row, 11 of them have killed their child(ren). It is a horrible act, I know. But, their average age, 32. SO, I am not abdicating young motherhood because it is very difficult (obviously I know from experience). But for you who have kept their children (and to those who have tried but were not able to, my sympathies) just give them this retort and they will have nothing else to say.


I am 20 years old and I had my daughter at 18 got pregnant at 17 by my boyfriend of 7 years. We are married now and my daughter will be two. If your not happy with teen moms GET OFF THIS SITE. No one here wants or needs your comments. I am looking forward to try this because the only place I have stretchmarks is my tummy. I didn't start to show until my last three months and I blew up like a balloon and fast. Now if only I can find a way to get my breasts to shrink back down....


Going To Try This Hopefully It Works.


Im gonna try this hope it works


There are some pretty good tips about remedies on this page. Although 17 is not the best age to have a child, everyone's situation is different to where it could be a blessing in dusguise (as someone else posted). I for one, don't care to hear about these little 14 and 15 years on here having babies. There is seriously something wrong when a child of 14 is popping out twins. No, I didn't have a baby at 14 and don't what her story is but I did have a baby at 17 who is now 10 years old. I'm not judging anyone, because I am not in a place to judge nor have I ever been. It is just my opinion that 14 and 15 year olds need to be more worried about going to school to get education instead of trying to be too fast and have sex with boys. Being that I was 17 when I had my baby, this is something that I worry about with my own daughter and try my best. We as mothers can only try our best, but we can't be with our children every second of the day. If any teenage girls read my post, please use birth control and think about how much your like will change if you get pregnant at such a young age. 16 and pregnant and teen mom is not all the excitement it is played out to be.


shes not asing any of you for your opinion on her life so stay out of it and live yours. shes tryna help us and people want to talk crap. i bet shes doing better than all of you haters. mind your biz n get the info u need say thank u and thats it... wtf




Why dont you people shut up and actually write something that is useful if you have tried it and it worked so that others can get a confirmation.I dont care who gives birth to baby in what age its not going to fix your problem will it? pssh.


^ Beat me to it. Has anyone tried this and gotten results?!

just hurry up

I just want to know if this works or not. Have any of you that commented on this actually try it yet? ?

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