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I'm 17 & I have a daughter . I was 107 pounds when I got pregnant & went to 168 in a matter of 2 months . My stomach looked like it was getting ripped open . Well needless to say , I HAD horrible stretch marks from my stomach to my boobs to my thighs . It was gross . I wouldn't even wear a bikini . So I tried something & it worked . My remedy is
1/2 a cup of baking soda
1/4 a cup of water
a little bit of cocoa butter with shea
& vitamin E oil ( i have a bottle of it it's small & it's 5$ at walmart )
& i mixed it all up & left it on my stomach for 30 minutes & my horrible purple/black stretch marks was almost my skin color . After doing this for a month , they was gone !
Thanks <3

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sbngle (SA)

this remedy sounds cool. I've got the most annoying stretchmarks on my sides but i hope this works. thank you for sharing. may God bless you and your child. may His face shine upon you. never let other people impose their ideas of righteousness on your head. good luck mwa :)


Im going to give this a try. I need my pretty stomach back. & it is nothing wrong with having a baby young. People make mistakes instead of running from it (getting an abortion) we do what we have to do.


wow making fun of someone when they were 17 and having a baby, I got pregnant when i was 17 because i was raped! so dont go around judging people when you dont know what happened!!


I'm a 20 year old black female 165 lbs 5'7 and recently gave birth, gaining 45 lbs in my pregnancy. My stretch marks are horrible and I have an enormous amount exclusively from my pregnancy! They're very deep, long and wide. I have them on my stomach, sides, hips, thighs,butt and breasts and they even go down past underneath my stomach... Some are purple and some are ligter than my skin and thinner. I tried this out and i havent been seeing any results. :,( Maybe mine are too severe idk but I hope someone else gets results!! sad about this but still on the search!!


i was 15 hen i had my little boy..and im a great mom...dont judge people bc where most likely better then u...since the only thing u have better to do is put ppl dwn


getting an abortion??? wow dont spread your legs if you cant take care of a baby...anyways im going to try this and hope it works:)


This is awesome...i will definatly try the way i was 16 when i had my first girl...i am now happily married to my babies daddy and another one is on the who cares if they judge!...


jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins we all fall short and we are not perfect.He said we will make mistakes along the way so dont listen to negitive people.I had my son at age 30 Wish I would of had him at a younger age.


I'm 17 and I had my baby in October, 2011. I was weighing 130 before I got pregnant but during my pregnancy I gained 60lbs and now I'm at 156, I got a ton of ugly stretch marks on my stomach, sides, inner thighs, arms, and below my own stomach. They look so bad which makes me self conscious about myself so I'm definitely looking for something to either completely take them away or make them the color of my skin. Sooo I will be trying this, hopefully it works. Thannk youu (:


for the person who said that rude comment about abortion..i am 17 years old and got pregnant at 16..i am a church going girl and i actually am a ccd teacher and i got prego by my bf of 5 years but unfortunately had to get an abortion when i was 24 weeks and 6 days for medical reasons because i suffer from a kidney i a bad person just cause i couldnt have my baby boy? i dont think soo but more power to those who rnt ill and choose to keep gods gift <3 i tried this and it seems to be working fine thank u :) and for that black female, if your strech marks r lighter then your skin try using lemon juice with very little cocobuttuer lotion mixed about 2 times a day

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