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I'm 17 & I have a daughter . I was 107 pounds when I got pregnant & went to 168 in a matter of 2 months . My stomach looked like it was getting ripped open . Well needless to say , I HAD horrible stretch marks from my stomach to my boobs to my thighs . It was gross . I wouldn't even wear a bikini . So I tried something & it worked . My remedy is
1/2 a cup of baking soda
1/4 a cup of water
a little bit of cocoa butter with shea
& vitamin E oil ( i have a bottle of it it's small & it's 5$ at walmart )
& i mixed it all up & left it on my stomach for 30 minutes & my horrible purple/black stretch marks was almost my skin color . After doing this for a month , they was gone !
Thanks <3

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does this really work? because this is making m upset


My experience as a regular user of different cosmetic creams, remedies etc. is that stretch marks can not be removed but often the condition can be improved and among topical tretaments spanish danaefabienne stretch marks cream is among the more effective, in many cases it is advantageous to combine with other treatments such as CO2.

Young Mommy

I think its so bullshit when people try and say things when young girls have babies. You dont know what people have been through to me looks like you needa mind your own.


Try using conola oil


Don't judge, it could have been you


Do you put the whole bottle of vitamin E or how much??


Do I just buy a cream of cocoa butter and Shea in it and pour a little bit ?


Yeah don't judge it could have been you or it could of been YOUR CHILD!!


You can't judge someone, you've never walked in their shoes, or fought their battles. Maybe having a child at a young age for her was a blessing in disguse. No one's life is perfect. I had a child when i was 17 and he is now 5 and if I wouldn't have had him when I did I would be in a awful place now, instead I go to UNT I work full time and I adore my job, I have my own place, my own car and I'm doing well. So dust off your doorstep before you come to someone else's. :) Have a good day.


I'm 18, and I had my son a month after my 17 birthday, my stretch marks were pretty bad at the time, but now they have been slowly dissapearing, for some reason the more they go away, the more I look at pictures of my old tummy and want it back soooo bad, I hope I can get it back so I'm gonna try your remedie! thanks :)

oh and btw, It's nice to hear encouragement from other teen moms, who are lending a word! I don't feel so alone in this big world. take care you all.

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