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I'm 17 & I have a daughter . I was 107 pounds when I got pregnant & went to 168 in a matter of 2 months . My stomach looked like it was getting ripped open . Well needless to say , I HAD horrible stretch marks from my stomach to my boobs to my thighs . It was gross . I wouldn't even wear a bikini . So I tried something & it worked . My remedy is
1/2 a cup of baking soda
1/4 a cup of water
a little bit of cocoa butter with shea
& vitamin E oil ( i have a bottle of it it's small & it's 5$ at walmart )
& i mixed it all up & left it on my stomach for 30 minutes & my horrible purple/black stretch marks was almost my skin color . After doing this for a month , they was gone !
Thanks <3

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Bree livingston

Hey . It sounds like me . I'm going to try this . I am 15 and I was 120 lbs then at the end of my pregnancy I was 175 . I hav lots of strech marks and nothing was helping


Do you do this only once a day? & do u just mix it up then rup it on ur strech marks


No offense but that's a lot of weight to gain in just two months!


do they come back after you stop doing it every day


You have a child at age 17? Shame on you


Wow this site is for remedies not to judge people! 17 might not be the right age to get pregnant because I been there but it doesn't mean you have the right to be judging others!


YEAH dont judge! I have stretch marks and i went to the doctor apparently its impossible to get rid of them :( it willl just eventually fade in time!

the baddest

i hate when ppl think they are better than others. ya hand ain't clean so don't come here and think u could judge ppl. SHAME ON YOU. nobody is perfect so cut this mess cause karma is going to come n get u n u will be in the position where ppl will be judging you. she here to share her story not for ya insults. some ppl just disgust me when u judge


hahahahahahahaha you people are so ghetto!!


ugh iv been going thru the same thing with my pregnancy but iv only got them on my thighs, butt, and boobs they are starting to get on my sides and i dont have alot of money to be spending on expensive products that only last barely a month but i like this idea so im going to try it :)

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