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George in Central TX

I've learned that to get RID of the chiggers is short order is by shocking them with hot and cold water flushing. First, flush with cold water(tap water) until your skin becomes accustomed to it. The switch to hot water. Not so hot as to cause damage to your skin, okay? It won't feel hot to you at first because your skin below the surface where the nerves are are still cold. It takes a few seconds for you to begin feeling the heat. As soon as it becomes uncomfortable, switch back to the cold water. Repeat this about four of five times in a row. The chiggers can't handle the extreme, sudden temperature change and either die or give it up and get the heck out of there. I've done this numerous times and the relief is immediate and it gets rid of those nasty darned creatures. Again, be careful NOT to burn your skin. This works EVERY time for me.

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Chiggers don't burrow under your skin at all. The irritation from a bite is due to their digestive enzymes.


No they don't burrow, but I've read that they attach to your skin until they finish feeding, drop off in your clothes and then reattach later. My bites are slowly becoming more numerous! Wiki suggests vaseline to suffocate them- hope that works for me!

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