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A GARLIC CLOVE CUT LENGTHWISE. That was the remedy that actually worked for me. My gums were swollen since 2 days ago and tonight it got so worse that I was awake the whole night trying the home remedies here(4:30am now).

I tried: salt, warm and cold water, hot and cold compresses, toothpaste, honey, Listerine, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine, and then now a GARLIC CLOVE.

It worked. I cut it lengthwise and placed it over the swollen gums/teeth and rubbed it a little (I'll take burning sensation over this tooth ache any day!). Then I spit it out, voila. Pain free!!

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I am still trying these remedies, vanilla, honey, salt water, green tea, ice pack even tried the throat spray on my gums. None of these worked for me then I tried the garlic, cut a sliver and rubbed it on my gums. Burned like stink but I did get relief, about 70 percent better. So good luck.

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