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My boyfriend had a really bad toothache due to infection. It started 2 nights ago just as he lie down to sleep. It kept him up all night, he went to the drugsstore at 4 a.m to grab some aleve, but meds weren't working all too well.

The pain continued throughout the day, to the point where he made an appointment to get his tooth pulled.

He tried vanilla extract, didn't work. He tried honey, it worked for about 5 minutes but the pain would flare right back up again. He also used an ice pack but that didn't work either. After 24 hours of intense pain a friend of a friend suggested activated charcoal.

Just buy a bottle at a health store, possibly at drug stores too, we didn't check there. You can buy it in powder form or capsule form, which you can easily open to access the powder inside.

We bought the capsules. make a paste with 2 tsp of the charcoal with water, and make sure it's thick. use a Gauze or in our case we used a tea bag since we had no gauze. Place the mixture inside the gauze and bite down on the tooth that is hurting. In 20-30 minutes, the pain will be gone!

This morning I asked him how he felt, he said he slept all night and the pain was still gone 9 hours later. He even canceled his dentist appointment because we don't have coverage yet, although we will soon.

If everything else fails, try this. he said the charcoal doesn't taste bad either :)

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This makes a lot of sense actually. Activated carbon is traditionally used to adsorb smells, chemicals, ect. The same probably holds true of whatever is irritating the nerve and causing the pain. I'm trying this as we speak. As a side note, you can find it in the pet (fish) section of many stores.

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