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After having thyroid cancer I have had really poor dental health. I have had several abscessed teeth over the years and not always able to afford to go to the dentist.

Inflammation from the infection is what causes the pain. To relieve the inflammation I use Ibuprofen it also helps with pain. I have tried all the remedies here at one time or another. Here is what I have found that works best for me and why ....

Never use heat it causes the infection to spread, it does not reduce the inflammation, it increases the blood flow and makes the tooth throb. Use Ice packs for brief periods of time ( this slows the blood flow and decreases the inflammation )

Do not use anything with alcohol in it like Listerine,cloves, menthol, etc ... this to increases the blood flow, inflammation and irritates the gums. It actually causes you more pain. Use a warm water and salt rinse or what works best is a hydrogen peroxide diluted with cold water. That draws the infection out.

Plain corn starch packed around the tooth and gums will naturally draw out the infection, reduce the inflammation, reduce the swelling and it soothes the sore gums. I have gone to sleep with it in my mouth and woke up with my abscessed tooth 75% to 100% better. Plus it wont make you sick if you were to swallow some of it.

If you are not allergic to aspirin try mixing an envelope of BC Powder with the cornstarch and pack the general area with that.It's great for reducing the inflammation, reducing the pain and will usually take the edge off long enough for you to get some rest. Oh ... try sleeping propped up on a pillow so the the blood doesn't run to your head. This will help with the throbbing as well.

I hope this helps ... it works great for me !

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i used corn flour here in australia which i hope is the same as corn starch my friend is a baker and pastry chef and she told me that it is I have really bad teeth due to cancer also. I always get bad hayfever twice a year and that is when i get the tooth absessed every year same thing so i am now trying the remedy of corn flour pack on gums and teeth hopefully this works. is the trobbing pulse normal????


The corn flour is the same as corn starch I believe. It will help if you mix a crushed Aspirin or BC Powder with it, then pack as much as you can handle around the area. Throbbing pain is to be expected with an abscessed tooth. See a dentist if you can. But if you cannot see one, try this and it should help.


Thank you so much for this information. I have been searching for information about what would help draw out the infection and this really worked. I made 2 small pouches using sterile gauze, filled them with a combination of cornstarch and crushed aspirin. I placed them on either side of the tooth. The inflammation and pain were reduced within hours. I made new ones every few hours. The comment about the Golden Seal was also great. Golden Seal is a natural antibiotic, however, it is expensive. I managed to find Golden Seal at a Dollar Store.

This has made life bearable while I sell my TV on Craigslist to pay for the trip to the dentist. This economy has made me very resourceful, however, without websites like this my search would have been much longer. Thank you.


I am curious I have the exact same problem I as well had thyroid cancer. Did they tell you the side effects of having cysts along the mouth... Well mine didn't either till i went in and thought i had bad teeth and the oral surgeon told me this. That being said I had perfect teeth up till then. How well does the cornstarch solution work as i have one heck of a absess right now and really cannot afford going to the dentist?

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