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Momma In NY

I have to say, I was usually skeptical with home remedies thinking that they would never work. My 11 year old daughter, for the first time caught head lice. I panicked, even though I know that it was bound to happen. It wasn't my first time around dealing with head lice. I found this website and spent hours reading everything that everyone had to offer. I have to say this, I tried Nix, Rid and all the various other things that you can find in a pharmacy but nothing worked as well as what I have read on here. We tried the Listerine/Vinegar/conditioner remedy. IT WORKED!!! within 20 minutes of combing my daughter's hair with the metal fine toothed comb, we pulled out numerous nits as well as a few critters!

For those of you that don't have the exact recipe for this I will tell you what we did with my daughter's hair. I just hope that it works for you like it worked for us.

Step 1. Saturate dry hair with Listerine(cool mint is what we used)

Step 2. Wrap the head with a plastic shopping bag or shower cap. Make sure all hair is within the bag or shower cap. Let stand for 2 hours.

Step 3. Rinse Listerine out of hair until water runs clear again.

Step 4. Put 3/4 water to 1/4 vinegar over head saturating the hair. Best if done right after the Listerine is rinsed.

Step 5. Do NOT ring the hair out but wrap a brand new plastic bag around the hair, doing the same as above. Let set for 1 hour.

Step 6. Rinse Vinegar solution out of hair thoroughly.

Step 7. Saturate entire hair with ANY form of conditioner. Do NOT rinse.

Step 8. Use fine toothed Nit removing Comb(preferably metal toothed) through entire hair working from root to tip.

Step 9. Shampoo as normal.

Thank you everyone for turning this skeptic into a believer.

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I have been battling lice on my 14 year old daughter's head. Again, on Christmas Eve we found these pests after being clean, for what I thought, since her first time in late September. I too have tried many things. I am going to try this one and hope and pray it works.


As a teenager lice CANNOT happen to me, it did. I tried this remedy... after unsuccessfully using walgreens lice shampoo. It Worked! the itching is gone and so are the lice. THANK YOU!!!!!

Momma in NY

You are very welcome. Glad it helped. We wash her hair from then till now with Head and Shoulders and it works like a charm. She hasn't gotten them again since. I hope that everyone gets the chance to try this


I tried this on my 12yr old son today, I was amazed and shocked at the listerine and how quick it worked. I still had to sit and pick some nits out but with baby oil they seemed to come out quicker than if i hadn't used it.
Thank you for this remedy as it so far has helped.

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