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Hey guys, unfortunately I am very familiar with toothaches. They can make your life miserable. The one thing that I have always found to work pretty well, especially if your pain is due to a hole in your tooth or broken tooth. The pain is caused by air and saliva hitting the exposed nerve. Try to eat some crackers and force it into the hole to kind of form a temporary filling....almost instant relief. Also, fixodent with a little piece of cotton works very well because it lasts alot longer. Take about 600-800 mg of ibuprofen and you should be good to go. Warm salt water too. Good luck!

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so the saltine crackers worked for me too, BUT, as usual, I was in so much pain about 5 minutes ago, that I took some cough medicine, and a crushed aspirin, mixed it together and the pain was gone. Nothing else, just that. I was simply amazed. Don't know how long it'll last, but its working. I'm just numb which is a lot better than wanting to knock my tooth out

reay <3

It hurts so bad ! :( I'm 16 and my parents don't have insurance, so I can't get braces, I can't go to the dentist and get a filling, I cracked a corner of my tooth, and I'm dying over here !!! Please someone help me! D: i tried clover, worked like 40% and I tried the cracker thing, I ended up eating the whole pack, its late at night, I brushed my teeth too many times to count, mouthwash -yes- and the whole rinse with salt water thing (didn't help at all) and I'm just out of luck. :(

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