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I've. Had 4 now severe tooth.ache, where I was hospitalized for last week. The pain was so severe in shooting down my neck into my chest I thought I was having a heart attack..i just turned 30 but apparently the tooth they chipped from having my open heart surgery broke more and the nerve iS exposed. To.get to the point. The only thing that had work was large does of vicoden til that's no longer working, so I tried few from here. SALT WATER RINCE, VODKA SWISHED IN YOUR MOUTH, I SPIT IT OUT, SINCE I DON'T DRINK, BUT OMG THIS WORKED WONDERS THEN FOLLOWED IT WITH SOME VICKS RUB ON THE OUTSIDE OF MY JAW WHERE THE PAIN WAS AT AND IT'S SOOTHING. IT'S NOT 100% GONE..BUT BARELY THERE NOW DOWN TO A 2 AND I WAS AT A 10 IF THAT'S AS HIGH AS U CAN GO ON PAIN SCALE BUT I DON'T FEEL LIKE I WANT TO RAM MY HEAD INTO AN ONCOMING SEMI TO GET KNOCKED OUT FROM THE PAIN LOL.. ALSO.DOC GAVE ME KEFLEX AN ANTIBIOTICS, SUGGEGST GETTING ONE. I ALSO HAVE NO INSURANCE NO ONE WILL INSURE ME DUE TO MY HEART CONTITION. SO THE $3000 FOR THE ROOT CANAL IS OUT OF THE QUESTION..GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYRHING. I LOVED ALL YOUR REMEBIES SO FAR SOME R WORKING THANK U..

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The vodka rinse just did the trick for me. Thanks for your post now I hope for as much luck getting into the dentist this week & out without having to take a mortgage out on my house!


Have an exposed nerve in one of my molars...constant throbbing pain ALL times I felt like a was getting tazed in the mouth...peanut butter worked a teency bit...BUT...BITING DOEN ON A PEELED GARLIC CLOVE WORKED IN 15 SECONDS!!!...ONLY WAY I COULD FINALLY RELAX. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

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