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I picked up a plantar wart near my heel - on the outside edge of my foot - after a visit to the local swimming baths/pool about a year ago. A doctor confirmed this was a plantar wart.

Ever since this, I have waged war against this irksome growth. I completely understand those people on this forum who get a little obsessed by trying to destroy their plantar wart(s). I know I have been.

Unlike the careless idiots who just wander about barefoot, spreading the virus, I have always been extremely careful about not spreading it further. If you're reading this and have a plantar wart, please pay other people the same courtesy!

So, I started out with buying a home freezing kit here in Australia for close to $20. It made absolutely no difference at all.

Next, I bought some of those Dr Scholl stickers with an acid adhesive. This did make the plantar wart smaller, but they fell off all the time, or stuck to a good part of my foot, thereby damaging healthy skin!

After I found this forum, I tried the much exalted apple cider vinegar (ACV) method. Unfortunately, I can't claim any great success with this. I filed the wart down with an emory board, soaked some cotton swabs with ACV, and then wrapped with duct tape. I kept at it for close to two months, and, yes, the wart would turn black, but I'm wondering if this isn't just the colour of the vinegar when it dries on the skin/wart. The skin around the wart became very soft and painful, but the wart didn't seem to mind all that much. When I stopped, it just grew back.

Next, whilst overseas, I purchased some 'Verrufilm' which basically seals the wart in a flexible membrane of salicylic acid (5%). This certainly cut the wart down to size. However, I continued this remedy for possibly 6-8 weeks until I decided I'd had enough of filing, picking and applying different substances to this thing! I opted to simply let the wart grow back so I could show it to another doctor to have it cut out. However, it hasn't grown back!

I think what I have learned from all this is that no single solution is necessarily going to work, as it's really down to your immune system to defeat the virus. Interestingly, when I started taking higher levels of vitamin C, a garlic supplement, and a multi-vitamin with zinc, in addition to applying the 'Verrufilm', my immune system was given a much-needed boost.

Anyway, my short answer would be to take some vitamin supplements to boost your immune system as well as one of the methods suggested on this forum. The very fact you have a plantar wart at all would suggest that your immune system may be a little weak currently (possibly getting too many late nights, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, stressed out... etc.). In any case, the vitamins certainly won't hurt in your war against the wart!

Good luck!

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