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Most of my teeth have absessed, so I have a lot of experience with this. Since the worst toothache is caused by absesses,this can only be eliminated by drilling into the tooth to let out the gases that are pressing on the tooth's nerve. Get yourself to a dentist quick for this procedure. Until then, I find a couple of acetaminophen and a dose of otc dextromethorphan cough syrup does the trick quite will as the syrup will give the acetaminophen a narcotic like edge and knock you ass out. You will than get badly needed rest. Also an ice pack can help a lot too. I discovered this combo while having a toothache and a bad cough at the same time.

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Drilling into the tooth to let the gasses out? Lol! What are you talking about!

An abscess is simply an infection that happens either between the gum and the tooth or at the root of the tooth.
Antibiotics and irrigating the gum (the dentists will slit your gum to let the infection drain by using that water gun thing to force water into it) is what will cure an abscess.
In the interim garlic works as well as rinsing with warm salt water and peroxide, or even...warm Lysterine! : )

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