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My aunt's doctor told her to grink a full 8 oz. glass of water before and after meals to make yourself feel fuller so you won't eat as much. She tried it and lost 25 lbs.

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How long did it take for her to lose the weight?


You are actually not supposed to 'grink' much right before you eat because it dilutes your stomach acid. Drink water about 10 min before you eat and try to drink as little as possible while you are eating.


I was told you should never drink anything cold either before or after you eat because it will 'gel' any fats that are in your stomach and intestines slowing digestion.


Yes, this works. Drink atleast a glass to two each meal.
Always, drink plenty of water, I NEVER GET CONSTIPATED. I think this is the healthiest thing you can do, cut the sugar, and drink plenty of water.


well to make this clear i think this is a very good suggesten and i my self have been doing it for a long while and my mother and father had first suggested it who both have phds in health services my mother is a teachers for dalhousie university teaching nursing and my father is a doctor....and cold water does not 'gel' your fat...think about it your basicly saying anything cold is actually good drinking lots of water is good and if its cold it can help you loose weight because your body has to work to make the water warm for your body to fully consume which uses energy which burns little but still some fat.


Yuck...I don't want to grink water, but drinking it may work...


How long did it take her to loose 25 lbs.?'Cause i am 14 years of age and i weigh 112 lbs.That is way too much for my age.I need to loose atlest 25 lbs.

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