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I have never been one to try this stuff but last night I thought my recent Widsom tooth extraction was going to be the death of me. I was 4 days post op so I thought I was in the clear when yesterday about lunch time all heck broke loose. The pain was the most intense pain even worse than the pain the day of surgery. I looked this site up and saw that the Red Cross Toothache Kit was highly recommened. Trust me the $8 for the kit is so well worth it I would have paid so much more. Please dont hesitate to buy this product it is amazing. Today I put more in and it lasted me till lunch time. I just applied more and remember that I saw it here and should let others know of the success I had.

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After having a tooth extracted(6yr molar) just 1 week ago I have been back to the dentist due to severe mouth pain twice. My dentist thinks I am crazy and swore twice there was no dry socket, after reading everyone comments I to ran to Walgreens last night it was midnight and spent $8 for the Red Cross Toothache Oil, and it worked no pain. I had been using lots of Tyelonl and Motrin. Should be called MIRACLE OIL. Thank you everyone, you saved my life and sanity.


Remember that Clove Oil is the only thing you need. The Red Cross Kit's main ingredient is the Clove Oil. A 1 ounce bottle of the oil only cost me $6.49 and there is way way more oil than you will ever need, even if you are using it way more than you actually need for this times useage. I've been using the clove oil since yesterday for severe dry socket and it works fantastic. Put a few drops on a piece of cotton ball and put it where it hurts.In about 15 minutes-no, I mean,no pain.

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