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This is a no-brainer! Want fresh breath? Clean your mouth - all of it!!! Your teeth, your gums, and your tongue. Use a soft toothbrush, your favorite toothpaste and brush at least twice a day - morning and night - and DON'T neglect your tongue. Brush it until there is no white build-up visible. Floss once a day, every day. There are no gimmicks, no gadgets, and no miracle cures that work better than good, old-fashioned cleanliness. It takes minimal effort and produces maximum results. If you already have gum disease (early-stage ginigvitis), this routine will actually reverse the condition. If you have mid-stage gum disease, you've neglected good hygiene and will need to see a dentist for a deep cleaning / scaling. If you have advanced gum disease, you have SERIOUSLY neglected good hygiene and will need periodontal surgery. This is a procedure where the dentist cuts the gums away from the teeth and scales the calculus off the roots and bottoms of the teeth. He refastens the gums by suturing and the gums will reattach themselves as they heal. Believe me, if you have to resort to this, brushing and flossing will become a daily routine that you NEVER neglect again because it is not a pleasant experience. Finally, you don't really have to brush and floss all your teeth - just the ones you want to keep! Happy Flossing!!!

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Well said!


You have no idea what it is like to do all of these things dozens of times a day and still have bad breath. I cannot understand why people like you are so ignorant. You think we WANT to have bad breath? We WANT to be lonely? We WANT to be laughed at? We WANT to be embarrassed? This stuff doesn't work and you will never know the pain from everyone, doctors, dentists and people like you how much it hurts. My bb is from post-nasal drip. My sinuses have been a problem for me my entire life and when I reached 17 my bad breath started. It's been a year and I've tried everything and nothing works. Mucuc is constanly in my throat and no matter how I clear it, it always comes right back. Scraping the tongue doesn't work either. I've been to the dentist 3 times this year and they say the same thing 'You mouth is perfectly fine and really healthy.' ME: 'So what's causing my bad breath.' 'Sinuses, go see a doctor.' I went to the doctor who gave me allergy medicine, nasal sprays and other stuff. Hopefully this works, everyone everywhere says it won't because they tried. There is no cure, natural remedies don't work. H. Peroxide made it worse, Baking soda didn't work, neither did green tea.' When I'm in my dorm room, my roomate constantly sniffs, cover her nose with shirt, open windows and doors. It's depressing. That's why I'm commuting next year. At one point she didn't sleep in the room for 2 months staright. I'm desperate and it is completely ruining my life. There's no point to live with bad breath, this should be health disorder where we get checks. How will I ever pass an interview and get a job. There is no cure, 90 million sufferers in the US and we have try to get a job, spouse and others but we can't. You do not know the pain! You say 'I brush my teeth and use mouthwash and floss twice a day and my breath smells fine.' Well we can't do that! We brush, floss, rinse 100 times a day and use all natural remedies and nothing works. Just imagine being in that position. I know there is a cure but the gum,mint and toothpste companies make so much and only care about money so they won't put it out. $ is evil and runs the world. Do they know how depressed we and other sufferers of smelly smells are? They know, they just don't car. They are just like you.


Bad breath can come from your gut also, try a diet change.


I agree with the sinusitis sufferer...some people come across as being very insensitive and condescending..I will be praying for u regarding your dilemma...just ignore comments from peopl WHO aren't really trying to help.

A health care professional

I agree fully with the previous sinus sufferer. You think individuals with bad breath have not tried to clean their mouth completely so many times a day that they can't count them all. Your comment is not helpful and truly insensitive.


I also have a problem with BB and it's all due to post nasal drip. Just like the other sufferer I brush, floss and use mouthwash three times a day and a few minutes later the BB is back. Doctors haven't helped so I'm trying to find solutions online. This condition is driving me crazy as I don't see a solution. My problem started when I was 16 and now I'm 36. The only thing I can do is constantly chew gum and drink lots of tea and I pray to god it masks the smell. Ignorant people who think the solution is as simple as brushing teeth are idiots if they think we haven't done that already!!


Hmm, good comment about how companies know how to truly cure bad breath but 'The love of money is the root of all evil', says the Bible, and the Bible is 100% correct on this and on everything else. If we cured bad breath, why would we need gum and all those mints? Candy, sweets, breads, junk foods... All very dangerous to our health... But... Love I money and gotta do business. If ppl ate healthy then there would be no need of Doctors or Dentists (at least not as much as now)
I am sorry to hear about your breath problem, I can relate. I am grateful that it isn't as bad as the people who lose their jobs, wow! That's terrible! Don't get discouraged, pray for healing

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