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Want to bathe your cat? Try putting an old window screen in the bottom of the bathtub or utility sink. The cat will sink it's claws into the screen and hang on for dear life the entire time you're bathing him/her. It works!

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Thats funny but sounds like a good idea!!


Why in Gods name would you want to bathe your cat? Seems like pure sadism.
Unless if its some emergency situation.

Cats do a perfect job themselves. Unless the cat is very stressed or depressed, it will use a large amount of the day to take care of the hygiene.


that does sound funny, god idea though. I just close the slidng glass doors.

cats don't need to be bathed as often as dogs but it keeps the fleas at bay and gves you a chance to check for cat for proplems.


Had to give my cat a flea bath.
I just lined the bottom of the kitchen sink with a towel before her bath and she was able to sink her claws in that and stood steady from gripping on, which made washing her easier.


That is the best idea I have come across for bathing a cat. Haven't tried it yet but I know my cats will appreciate the life line of being able to hang onto something without the slipping & sliding affect. Thanks

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